Jun 202018

10 Interesting Facts About Divorce

Did you know that half of all divorces in Hernando County (and the US) will end in divorce? If you are in a marriage that has had its happier moments and are considering a divorce, this is only one of the many interesting facts you might be interested to know. Read below to learn 10 more divorce facts.

1.    First marriages that end in divorce last an average of eight years. Not even a decade together before the end!

2.    Experience matters, even in marriage. Studies show that second marriages are less likely to end in divorce because the person has learned from their prior mistakes.

3.    It is legal to get a divorce anywhere in the United States. But, in the Philippines, couples do not have this luxury. Once married, it is illegal to divorce in this country.

4.    A UK study found that nearly half of couples who get a divorce regret that decision.

5.    You need a competent divorce lawyer Hernando County FL when getting divorced. Never assume that divorce is a DIY matter. Rarely is it simple enough for a couple to handle without the legal expertise of an attorney.

6.    Children of divorced parents are more likely to drop out of school than their peers.

7.    A divorce attorney can handle matters related to the divorce during the court proceeding. These matters include child support alimony, and child custody, among others.

8.    Two thirds of all divorces filed in Hernando County are filed by women!

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9.    Think twice about that lavish wedding. Statistics show that couples who splurge more cash on their wedding are more likely to divorce than couples who hold traditional weddings.

10.  Divorce attorneys offer free, no obligation consultations to discuss your case in detail and to determine the best steps to take to proceed. The consultation is very valuable.